Privacy Policy

AdNauseam is a browser extension designed to obfuscate your browsing data to protect you from tracking and profiling by advertising networks. When browsing the Web, advertising networks track and analyze your browsing behavior. In order to make it harder for these networks to make meaningful predictions about you, AdNauseam simulates clicks on the advertisements served to you.


We at AdNauseam do not collect any data about you or your browsing behavior. AdNauseam has no home server and there are no analytic hooks of any kind in the code. uBlock Origin (on which AdNauseam is based) does download the filter-lists that it uses when you visit the 3rd-party filters pane in the dashboard, and occasionally thereafter if you have auto-update filter-lists checked (as described here). AdNauseam does make it possible for you to locally inspect the advertisements that it finds. In order to enable this, information about these advertisements are stored locally on your computer (using the browser's local storage mechanism).


AdNauseam stores the data required for its operation in your browser's local storage. This data includes the URLs of ads that AdNauseam detects and the pages they are found on. AdNauseam does not transmit this information to any servers or third parties. In theory, other extensions and services (such as Firefox Sync) may attempt to access this data and could use it to reconstruct parts of your browsing history. However, this data does not provide additional information about you beyond what is already collected by websites and third parties when browsing the Web.


AdNauseam makes use of an existing infrastructure for browsing the Web, specifically the Chrome, Firefox, or Opera Web browsers and the uBlock Origin extension. Your browser periodically checks for updates on all of your extensions, including AdNauseam. These checks take place outside of the control of AdNauseam. During such an update check, general information, such as browser version, extension version, operating system and your IP address, are transmitted by the browser and AdNauseam does not have access to this data. The uBlock Origin extension has its own privacy policy.